Winter holyday with cross country skiing

Visit the Swedish mountains during the best time of the year, the fifth season: still winter, but with long lasting sunshine days. Sun factor 20 is needed. We cross the snowy mountains under a blue sky, take our breaks in dug couches of snow.
Take several days on back country skies between different mountain lodges. Or stay in our mountain lodge doing day trips on skies with option for a lot of other winter activities. Winter fishing, snow shoe walking, alpine skiing or just run down the slope on a sledge.
We living with Helags just around the corner. Number three among the World's best summit hikes according to National Geographic. On our cross country tours we will for sure visit Helags mountain lodge. With the possibility to reach the summit for those that have the energy to do that.
We are in the home of the native Sami people. In April they moving the reindeers from the winter pasture in the forest up to the mountains It might be possible that we see those reindeers on their way to the mountains. We might even see the rare native arctic fox.
Spring in the mountains are the best period of the year. Join us on a tour or just stay in our lodge enjoy different winter activities.

Our different winter package

We offer three different winter packages.
1. Spend days in our mountain lodge. Use the day doing different winter activities such as cross country skiing, winter fishing, alpine skiing or snow shoe walking. By yourself or together with a guide. You have all information below on this page.
2. A open guided tour on back country skies between the mountain lodges up among the mountains. Feel free to join. Read more about our open ski tour here.
3. If you are a family or a couple of friends, a private ski tour might be perfect for you. You can chose any date, and tail the tour after your preferences. Read more about your own ski tour here.

Winter holyday with a variety of activities

Days with all kind of winter outdoor activities. Welcome to our cabin located almost up on the mountain, close to the small village Ljungdalen in the county Härjedalen. With 250 meter to the road you have to ski or walk the last part. But when you are there, the winter adventures begins just outside the front door. Put on your skies and head of in any direction. Or go down the slope just outside on a sledge.

It's you vacation and it's your choice. Stay close to the cabin, dig a nice couch in the snow. Enjoy the sun and all the activities you can do here such as snow shoe walk or just sitting in the sun. Making a great slope for the children or yourself with tunnels and jumps and go for it on a sledge.

Or take a daytrip on cross country skies out onto the mountain. Maybe to some of the lake for winter fishing. Or to reach the summit on some of the mountains to get the view.

With cross country skiing you can go everywhere, as it is to much snow for walking, you use the skies to get where you are going. There are also prepared ski tracks, if you don't want to do your own tracks. Apart from cross country skiing, there are several opportunities for alpine skiing, the closest only two km away.

It's very popular among the local families to meet somewhere out in the nature. Spend time together while fishing, make the lunch over open fire, digging snow caves with the children or gliding down a slope on anything that's glide. You can choose a place all by yourself, or some place where you see other groups in distance.

If you want more adventures we can help you with sleeping in a snow cave, climbing some of the peaks and ski down and maybe ice climbing. How does your adventure looks like?

You will for sure see Helags, the highest far highest peak in this part of Sweden, only 15 km away. It's number three among the World's best summit hikes according to National Geographic,

"Sweden's highest peak south of the Arctic Circle, Helagsfjället, also simply called Helags, stands out above the surrounding peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains right on the Norway border."

It's possible to ski to Helags mountain lodge for a nice lunch and the go back in a long day. Or you can do this as a two day trip with the possibility to do the summit as well.

Another highlight is the arctic fox in the area. They are very rare, but with hard work from some enthusiasts that have brought out food to them for many years, they are now slowly coming back. Read more about the arctic fox project in the region

Below you have all information you need, but if you still have some more questions, don't hesitate to contact us on or on +46 70 53 53 630.

Winter adventures days
Price: from 310 EUR (4 days/3 nights)
Accommodation in double room. Breakfast, lunch or lunch package and dinner.
We have skies for rent. And snow shoes, sledges etc. for you to borrow.
More or less days
If you like to stay longer or shorter, or if you are a family with children, contact us for prices and more information.
A normal day

You get breakfast in the morning, and if you stay away the whole day, you can do your own lunch packages as well. At lunchtime maybe lunch in the kitchen, just outside in the sun, or somewhere on the mountain.
Different outdoor activities during the day. Either yourself or with a guide. There are always someone that can help you with practical things such as provide you with snow shoes. Show the way to the lake, arrange with payment for fishing, bring out equipment for barbeque up in the mountain and similar.

In the evening dinner and time to relax in front of the fire place, or maybe a nice sauna. A visit to Ljungdalen is also nice, a real village with real people, not only tourist. It's small, but have everything you need. A supermarket, some restaurants, a shop with local handcraft and also a small indoor swimming pool close to the school.

Meeting point
We meet you in Ljungdalen. A small village up in the mountains. South of Åre and close to the Norwegian border. Then we drive about 5 km to the cabin.
Get here
You can get here in several different ways. We will help you with more details when we know from where you will travel. More information here. How to get here
We meet you when you arrive to Ljungdalen
Personal equipment

Cloth for outdoor winter activities. Several layers are always good, then you can adapt. A warm jacket for the breaks, warm cloves (two pairs if one pair get wet) and a cap covering your ears. Maybe also a ski mask if you have.

If you want to stay in tent or snow cave also bring a warm sleeping bag and a camping mattress.

Absolutely necessary: Sun glasses and sun protection.

Winter outdoor activities
Private tour
March - April
Chose any
310 EUR (4 days/3 nights)
Meeting point:
Mountain Lodge
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