Before the trip - Skiing

In this document we will try to give you the information you need to be able to bring right kind of cloth and equipment, but also give an idea about what you can expect.

On our skiing tours we cross the mountains on cross country skies. It is almost as hiking but on skies. No prepared tracks if we don´t find some one else tracks. If the snow is deep we better stay in a row, let first person making the tracks for the rest of us. But most often the snow is hard and we can skies on top.

The weather and temperature can change very much, even from day to day. In April we could have nice sunny days were we can ski only in our T-shirt. Or we might have strong wind, snow and ten degrees below zero, all clothes and goggles are needed.


Clothes and equipment

Layer on layer is the best, then you can adjust according to the temperature, and several thin layers is warmer than one thick layer. On top you have a shell or winter jacket and “tex-” (goretex or similar) or thermo trousers.

Warm gloves – two layers is a good choice, first a thin pair made of wool for example.glove_wool

A cap that cover your ears properly.

Warm socks – made of wool or simular. Still warm even if they get humid.


A sunny day the light becomes very strong because of the white snow that reflex the sunlight. Without sun glasses you might even hurt your eyes. To bring sun glasses is essential.



Ski boots is included in the package. It is very important that you give us a correct shoe size when doing the booking. It should be the size you need with socks on.Rottefella

If you have your own ski boots you can of course use them if they fits on our binding. We use Rottefella BC binding on our skies.


Equipment that you need to bring (available for rent, pre booking needed)


Sleeping bag and sleeping pad if you choose the tour with one night in a snow cave

Sleeping bag or sheets if you only stay in mountain lodges

Sun glasses




Shoes or sandal to use in the evening could be nice to have

Winter clothes, several layers

Cap that covers your ears

Warm cloves


Toothbrush, soap etc.

Extra socks


We will provide you with the following equipment

Boots, skies and poles

All equipment needed, cocking and eating

Sun cream

Ski wax


About money

We still don't use Euro in Sweden. But you can use credit card almost everywhere. Everything you need (except alcoholic drinks) is included in the price. But if you want to buy something you can always redraw money at the airport when you arrive.