Cross-country skiing in the Swedish mountains, midnight sun

Visit the highest mountain region of Sweden, situated in the far north-east parts of the country. Here we will be skiing during late spring, early summer, when there is still snow. During this time of the year, we almost will experience the midnight sun, a time of the year when the sun only sets for an hour midnight. We will then be able to ski during the whole day and the whole night. For sleeping, there are nice cabins to spend the nights, or days in, depending on when we want to ski. The strong sun and white snow makes it essential to bring sunglasses, a hat and sun factor.



Dates: Individuals: --
  Groups: any date during season
Price: 730 EUR  
















Cross country skies in the Swedish mountains. We crossing a almost white landscape, not that steep as in the Alps and no trees as you can see on the picture. We use “ordinary” skies for cross country skiing, skies with steel edge and back country bindings. Depending on what you prefer we went over the tops, up and then downhill, maybe with nice telemark turns, or we went around the tops, not that much up and down.


Dates: Individuals: No fixed dates
  Groups: any date during season

Season:  May


Gradient: Middle to tough in condition and technique depending on the group.


Lodging: Dorm in mountain cottages


Get here: Plane to Kiruna


Pick up: At the airport of Kiruna


Transport: Transfer from the airport to Abisko, back and forth with local buses included in the price. Detailed travel information will be provided.


Personal equipment: Clothing for winter sports, rucksack for hiking, sleeping bag. SUNGLASSES essential.


Equipment included: Skies, ski boots


Price: 731 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Transfer Kiruna Airport to Abisko, lunch package, dinner, a bed in the mountain lodge, rent of skies, guide

Day II Breakfast, lunch package, dinner, a bed in the mountain lodge, rent of skies, guide

Day III Breakfast, lunch package, dinner, a bed in the mountain lodge, rent of skies, guide

Day IV Breakfast, lunch package, transfer to the airport, rent of skies, guide


Not included: alcoholic drinks (the customer need to bring them by them self, can not be purchased)


Choices of extras:

1.) Extra days

It is possible to extend the trip with one or more days. We can stay in the same mountain lodges or make a tour passing several lodges.

Price for each extra day: 99 Euro


2) Arrive earlier, depart later

For guests who want to experience more of Sweden there is of course a possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than is stated in our programmes. Stay some extra days in Kiruna, visit Riksgränsen for some downhill skiing or try ice fishing, more cross country skiing. Naturguiden can help you arrange with necessary transports and accommodations.

Price: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves


Program Cross-country skiing in the Swedish mountains, midnight sun

Day I Arrival Kiruna. Transfer to Abisko, aprox. 1 h, 20 min. Skiing 14 km

Day II Summit tour in the midnight sun

Day III Skiing

Day IV Skiing 14 km, Transfer to Kiruna.


(3 nights)


Day 1

Arrival at Kiruna Airport or with train at the station. Transfer with bus to Abisko. Your guide will meet you at the airport. In Abisko we step on the skies and start our tour immediately. After a while, getting away from the civilisation, we stop for a late lunch. The days are long this time of the year, they almost never ends; we are in no hurry and take it easy up the mountains. In the evening we reach our mountain cabin where we should spend three nights completely by our self. We make our self comfortable and then start preparing dinner together. Maybe we can eat it outdoor? The mountain cabin is very simple, but nice and clean. The toilet is in a separate building. The washing facilities is a bucket in the common kitchen or outdoor.


Day II

The topic for this second day is a summit tour in the midnight sun. The sun sets at 23:40 and even later on the summit.

But first breakfast in the morning and then a tour before lunch. We rest for a while in the cabin during the afternoon or stays out in the sun to increase the tan. Dinner at five o’clock and then we head of for the summit. Reaching it about 23:30, digging a couch towards the sun and then just wait to se the sun hide behind the mountains for an hour. In the midnight hour we heading downhill again back towards our cabin, reaching it approximately at dawn at 01:40



The third day, we wake up a little late and decide during breakfast where to ski this day. Maybe we take a long tour, or find a nice slope for Telemarking or just enjoy the nice weather and make a couch in the snow, relaxing and reading some book.


Day IV

A period of the year when night and day almost looks the same. We get up real early in the morning, the sun already high on the sky. Today we heading back towards the civilisation, slightly downhill all the way back to Abisko. Then transfer back to Kiruna and the airport.