Cross-country skiing in the Swedish mountains, adventure

Cross-country skiing in the Swedish mountains, adventure

A tour with more adventures. First night we spend in a snow cave. We heading for the highest summit and most of the tour is made of track. But there is also some luxury, one night at Helgas with sauna and time to relax.

First day starting with training on downhill skiing on cross country skies. Could be tricky but with some help you got the right technique.


Dates: Individuals: --
  Groups: any date during season
Price: 657 EUR  









Cross country skies in the Swedish mountains. We crossing a almost white landscape, not that steep as in the Alps and no trees as you can see on the picture. We use “ordinary” skies for cross country skiing, skies with steel edge and back country bindings. Depending on what you prefer we went over the tops, up and then downhill, maybe with nice telemark turns, or we went around the tops, not that much up and down.


Dates: Individuals: No fixed dates
  Group: any date during season

Season: March - April


Gradient: Tough


Lodging: share in double room or dorm in mountain stations and mountain cottages


Get here: Plane or train to Östersund


Pick up: At the airport or in Ljungdalen


Transport: Transfer from the airport to Ljungdalen, back and forth with local buses included in the price. Detailed travel information will be provided.


Personal equipment: Clothing for winter sports, rucksack for hiking, sunglasses, sleeping bag


Equipment included: Skies, ski boots, sleeping pad


Price: 657 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Transfer Östersund Airport to Ljungdalen, Dinner, share in double room at a hostel

Day II Breakfast, lunch package, dinner, a bed in an igloo, rent of skies, ski ticket, guide

Day III Breakfast, lunch package, dinner, a bed at Helags mountain lodge, rent of skies, guide

Day IV Breakfast, lunch package, dinner, rent of skies, guide, transfer to the Östersund


Not included: alcoholic drinks; transfer from the airport to Östersund (approx. 5 EUR with bus, 12 EUR for a taxi), accommodation day IV if needed.


Choices of extras:

1.) Extra days

It is possible to extend the trip with one or more days. We will then make the trip longer passing more mountain lodges.

Price for each extra day: 70 Euro


2) Arrive earlier, depart later

For guests who want to experience more of Sweden there is of course a possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than is stated in our programmes. Stay some extra days in Ljungdalen, do some down hill skiing, fishing, more cross country skiing. Naturguiden can help you arrange with necessary transports and accommodations.

Price: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves



Program Cross-country skiing in the Swedish mountains, adventure


Day I Arrival Östersund.  Transfer to Ljungdalen

Day II Skiing 11 km, sleeping in an igloo

Day III Skiing 12 km, Summit tour

Day IV Skiing 20 km, Transfer to Östersund.

(3 nights)


Day 1

Arrival at Östersund Airport or with train at the station. Transfer with bus to Ljungdalen (14:20 – 18:05). Your guide will meet you at the bus stop and show you the way to the hostel. You get your room and then we will have a nice dinner together. After dinner we try out ski boots and skies and wind down the evening by informing you about the following days, the weather forecast and all you need to know.


Day II

After breakfast buffet but before we head off for the mountains, we prepare ourselves big lunch packages. The first stage is up to the ski slope. Before we start we need some exercise in going downhill on cross country skies. It is a little tricky, but with the right technique it becomes much easier.

We eat our lunch in the ski slope and then let the ski lift pull us up towards the summit once again. This time we should not go downhill again but continue towards the very top. When passing it you get marvellous views, mountains everywhere. We continue for some hours before we find ourselves a good place to build our igloos. We take turns with the shovel to dig a cave big enough. When ready we put our sleeping pads on the beds and make ourselves comfortable in our new home. Before we prepare our dinner there is time to relax. We end up the day with a short tour, watching the sun set and getting warm before going to bed in our winter sleeping bags.



The third day, we wake up in our igloo, make ourselves a warm breakfast and then head of towards the Helags, one of the highest mountains in Sweden, 1797 meters. If the weather is good enough we head for the summit, starting the climb after a couple of hours skiing. Further on we leave our skies and backpacks and walk the last ascent to the summit. One hour later we reach the top and we will have amazing views in all directions. It feels satisfying to put our names in the guestbook after climbing an altitude difference of 800 meters.

Back to the skies and time for a lunch break. We dig a cosy couch in the snow that gives us shelter. The couch is a perfect place for lunch, still with unending views. Then we continue towards the mountain station, downwards almost the whole way. Before we go to our lodge there is time to relax. Together, we prepare dinner and eat and just relax afterwards.


Day IV

Today we go off the marked tracks altogether, 22 km strait over the mountains. The compass will show us the way. If we have met some people in earlier days, we will not meet any today. It goes up and down over some minor mountains and ends up in a valley. We enjoy the day and are in no hurry, the sun is up to after eight o clock. Taking some nice breaks, we maybe try some ice fishing on the lakes we pass over.

The last stretch down to Ljungdalen is downhill, hopefully not too steep. In the evening we are back at the hostel. A welcome shower or maybe a visit to the small indoor swimming pool is waiting. A good dinner ends a fantastic tour.


Day V

Early breakfast and then to the bus that leaves at 06.00. Back in Östersund at half past nine. Take an early plane back home or take some hours in the city of Östersund.