Nordic Skating - the guided tour for you

Gliding easily with the wind in your back over perfect ice, scenic shorelines on your left. The guide in front of you keeps his concentration on the ice and any change in the quality. We adapt the speed and the distance to the group. Taking a rest at some island for a lunch break. In small groups we travel with minibus to the best skating areas and stay in nearby hotels or hostels.



Date: For Grous: Choose any date
  For individuals:

25 - 28 January 2018
1 - 4 February 2018
8- 11 February 2018
15 - 18 February 2018, fully booked
22 - 25 February 2018
1- 4 March 2018

Price: from 615 EUR  





Nordic skating in Sweden, an all inclusive guided tour. You travell in small groups of maximum eight persons. The guide pick you up at the airport/train station. All needed equipment are provided.

Where we skate depends on the ice situation, we always choose the area that provides the best skating conditions. The accommodations are located in the area but could change from day to day depending on where we choose to go skating.


Dates: Groups: chose the date you prefere during the season  

Individuals: (2018) (Accomodation B2  Price = 645 / 695 EUR)


  25 - 28 January (For less experienced skaters**) 645 EUR
  1 - 4 February;  (If you manage skates or Rollerblades**) 645 EUR
  8 - 11 February;(For less experienced skaters**) 695 EUR
  15 - 18 February; fully booked  
  22 - 25 February; (If you manage skates or Rollerblades**) 695 EUR
  1 - 4 March; (For less experienced skaters**) 695 EUR
  If there is an interest for other weekends do not hesitate to contact us. We do have groups comming every weekend, it might be possible to join a group with less than eight participants.  

** As the tempo and the distance we like to skate differs depending on our previous skating experiences we have some weekends for those with more experiences and other weekends for those with less. You don't need to be an champion to join the tour for more experienced skaters but you should be able to skate on ice skates or Rollerblades without difficulties. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Time for arrival and departure: Departure last day, not before 17:00.
Choose your time (but confirm with us before booking the ticket) If you arrive mid day we find a place close to the airport where we went for skating. If other guests arrives later we then went back to the airport and pick them up. Late afternoon we head of for the the place to stay the first night.

Season: January - March

Gradient: Middle

Pick up: At Skavsta airport (RyanAir - Stockholm South) or Stockholm/Arlanda. Other locations possible after agreement.

Get here: By air or train to Stockholm

Transport: We travel in a mini van.

Personal equipment: Clothing suitable for skating, a complete set of clothes to bring in provided pakpack, if you by accident fall in the wather. Sheets and towel if you stay in hostel (can be rented for 20 EUR)

Equipment included: Skates, boots, backpack and needed saftey equipment, thermos and lunch box.

Lodging: Hostel or Hotel, B1, B2, B3, C1 and C2 More information under accomodation


Price: Basic 1: 665 EUR* single room + 50 Euro
depending Basic 2: 695 EUR* single room + 50 Euro
on Lodging Basic 3: 960 EUR* single room + 50 Euro
  Comfort 1: 950 EUR* single room + 195 Euro
  Comfort 2: 1080 EUR* single room + 195 Euro

 * Early season discount 50 EUR, until 5 February

Included in the price:

Day I Transfer, dinner, guide, rent of equipment, share in double room

Day II Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, rent of equipment, share in double room

Day III Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, rent of equipment, share in double room

Day IV Breakfast, lunch, guide,rent of equipment, transfer


Not included: alcoholic drinks


Choices of extras:

1.) Extra days

It is possible to extend the tour with one or several days.

Price for each extra day:

Basic 1 160 EUR
Basic 2 173 EUR
Basic 3 230 EUR
Comfort 1 253 EUR
Comfort 2 300 EUR



2.) Arrive earlier, depart later

Guests that want to see more of Sweden can of course come earlier or depart later than what is stated in our program. Spend some more days out in the archipelago or take a tour to Stockholm, one hour away.

Price of extras: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves


Program Guided skating tour

Day I Arrival, transfer, skating
Day II Sakting
Day III Skating
DayIV Skating, transfer, departure
(3 nights)  


Day I

Arrival at the airport. The guide will meet you and takes you directly towards the chosen skating area. Arriving to the hostel/hotel you check in and then depending on the time of arrival we might be able to do some skating. We start with a safety and security briefing and then hand out all equipment. In the evening we have dinner at the hostel/hotel.

Day II – III

We have breakfast and also time to prepare the lunch packages. Depending on the weather forecast and the ice situation on the lakes, we take off in the minibus towards the best possible skating area. At the lake we start by examining the ice before we get the gear on and step out on the ice. We skate in a row, the guide always first, checking the ice and looking out for weak spots. The speed and distance is adjusted to the group and the ice situation. Now and then we make short stops, to admire the beauty, chat for a while or just rest. During the day we make several stops when we go ashore to take something to eat or walk to another lake nearby. At the end of the day we return to the minibus and head back to the hotel/hostel. A nice sauna before the dinner is a pleasant experience. If the conditions are right we might go for another skating trip in moonlight late in the evening.

Day IV

After breakfast we head off for another day on ice, skating as long as possible depending on the scheduled departure times. On our way back to the airport we stop for a shower and change clothes and maybe for something to eat. The guide then drives you back to the airport.