Nordic skating = Swedish long distance skating adventures

Zweden avontuurlijk schaatsen 2015

Experience some amazing long distance ice-skating adventures in Sweden. The unspoiled countryside and the huge expanse of glossy ice – everything is here waiting for you. We skate on some of Sweden's many lakes, the Göta Kanal or in the beautiful archipelago.


-All included guided tours where we skate on best ice possible, often far out in the wilderness.

Get inspired by looking on this move from one of our guests last winter the movie>>>

dust clears



Or look at Clean Bandits fantastic music video from lake Vättern

Their next hit Rather Be are more known and you have probably heard it

Nordic Skating - the guided tour for you

Gliding easily with the wind in your back over perfect ice, scenic shorelines on your left. The guide in front of you keeps his concentration on the ice and any change in the quality. We adapt the speed and the distance to the group. Taking a rest at some island for a lunch break. In small groups we travel with minibus to the best skating areas and stay in nearby hotels or hostels.



Date: For Grous: Choose any date
  For individuals:

25 - 28 January 2018
1 - 4 February 2018
8- 11 February 2018
15 - 18 February 2018, fully booked
22 - 25 February 2018
1- 4 March 2018

Price: from 615 EUR  



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