Before the trip - Multi activity

In this document we will try to give you the information you need to be able to bring right kind of cloth and equipment, but also give an idea about what you can expect.

You don´t need to have a lot of experience in kayak to be able to join this tour. Actually you can join even if you never done this before. The hiking and the biking are probably no problem either.


On those tours you get the possibillity to enjoy canoe, biking and hiking. That requires more equipment and therefore transport of luggage is included.


Your basic equipment shall be good hiking boots or shoes. Low boots is good enough.

Rain ware, could be clothes with “TEX” membrane (ie GoreTex), ordinary rain clothes that don´t breathe or way not a poncho.

A backpack big enough for things you need during the day, lunchbox, rain ware etc.


Equipment that you need to bring (available for rent, pre booking needed)

Sleeping bag and sleeping pad if you choose tour where we sleep in tents



Rain ware

Swim suits


Toothbrush, soap etc.

Warm sweater

Extra socks


We will provide you with the following equipment

All equipment needed going with the kayak

Dry bags for your luggage

Bike and helmet

Tent (if needed)

All equipment needed, cocking and eating


About money

We still don't use Euro in Sweden. But you can use credit card almost everywhere. Everything you need (except alcoholic drinks) is included in the price. But if you want to buy something you can always redraw money at the airport when you arrive.