Active All the Way, extended

Four active days with biking, walking, canoeing, exploring caves and climbing. A journey through Swedish woodlands combined with a touch of adventure and social history. Sleeping in tents, eating tasty and healthy food prepared over open fire. Wash yourself in the beautiful lakes after a sauna located fare out in the forest. Enjoy the nature and the feeling of being alone at the camp site, sitting around the fire looking at the stars. We travel from place to place, put up a new camp every evening.

Canoe on Kinda canal


Dates: Individuals --
  Groups any date during season
Price: from 628 EUR  






Four days with activities, three nights in tent. First day arrival at Linköping, stay at hostel. Last day departure, stay at hostel. Second day, pick up right at the hostel. You get a bike and we head of, finding the minor roads through the woods. The camp site is located far out in the forest close to a lake. Here we stay two nights, use the sauna doing the cooking over open fire, enjoy the free life. Third day we explore caves and try climbing, a day with adventure. Day four, hiking, we find our way on small roads and through the forest. Our goal is Kinda Kanal, a canal with several looks where we camp this night. Day five is the canoe day. From our camp we start our tour along Kinda kanal, heading back towards Linköping. In the afternoon we are back in Linköping and the hostel. Last day is departure day.


Dates: Individuals No fixed dates
  Groups any date during season


Season: April – October

(June – August with riverboat, see choices of extras:)


Gradient: Middle


Lodging: Tent

Hotel or hostel on request


Get here: Plane (KLM from Amsterdam) or Train (train between Malmö and Stockholm) to Linköping. Or plane to Skavsta (RyanAir Stockholm south) and then bus transfer to Linköping



Pick up:  At hostel in Linköping at 08.30


Transport:  No transports needed expect to / from airport / train station (3 km)


Personal equipment: Suitable footwear, durable outdoor- and rain clothes, bathing gear, rucksack for day tour


Equipment included:  Bike canoe, equipment exploring caves and climbing.


Equipment available for rent:   Rucksack 125 SEK (ca. 13 EUR)


Price: 628 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I (arrival day) Share in double room at hostel in Linköping

Day II Breakfast, lunch, 2-course dinner, share in tent, guide, rent of bike, sauna.

Day III Breakfast, lunch, 2-course dinner, share in tent, guide, rent of equipment cave explore and climbing, sauna.

Day IV Breakfast, lunch, 2-course dinner, share in tent, guide

Day V Breakfast, lunch, guide, rent of canoe. (Alternative: Riverboat along the canal, no personal guide). Share in double room at hostel in Linköping.

Day VI (departure day) Breakfast


Not included: dinner day I and day V, alcoholic drinks, transfer airport (approx.12 EUR for a taxi)


Choices of extras:

1.) Tour with M/S Kind (riverboat at Kinda Kanal) Vårdnäs – Linköping, day V

Guests who prefer can take the passenger boat M/S Kind from Vårdnäs to Linköping instead of paddling the canoes that stretch. During the boattrip you can join a lunch buffet and the close-up will tell you more about the history of the canal, Östergötland and Sweden.

Price of extra: No extra fee, but lunch buffet is not included.


2.) Arrive earlier, depart later

For guests who want to experience more of Sweden there is of course the possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than in the programme. Combine with a tour to Stockholm, two hours away, or take a tour on Göta Kanal.

Price of extras: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves


Programme Active All the Way Åtvidaberg


Day I Arrival

Day II Biking 50 km

Day III Exploring caves, climbing

Day IV Walking 20 km

Day V Canoe 30 km or M/S Kind (riverboat at Kinda Kanal)

Day VI Departure

(5 nights)



Arrival at Linköping. Accommodation at hostel. No pick up. Detailed information how to get to hostel will be provided.



Breakfast at hostel before 08.30. Staff from Naturguiden meets the group at the hostel at 08.30. Equipment / cloth needed during this four day trip in a rucksack. Remaining stuff can be left at hostel until coming back. We adjust the bikes and fasten the rucksack at the carrier before we head of. The trail follows brooks and paths through the forest. When we get hungry we take a break to eat and when we get warm we might stop to take a bath in some of the lakes we pass. We bike through thickly wooded forests on winding roads and paths, passing meadow-lands and lovely lakes. During late afternoon we arrive at our base camp for two nights. As the sun sets it spreads its soft orange light over the water of the lake and we enjoy the wonderful view, each other’s company and a delicious two course meal made over open fire. The sauna is now warm. After sauna and a nice swim in the lake it feels fine to went to bed in the tent.



An day with great adventures, an activity marked with NaturesBest. After breakfast at the shore we head of through the forest towards the caves. Bringing only what needed during the day. When find the caves all get an overall, a torch and a helmet. The explore of the caves can begin.

You can barely see the entrance which leads down to the main chamber of a cave haunted by trolls since time immemorial. If you dare to descend through the narrow entrance and out into the big chamber, you discover two passages that lead even deeper into the mountain.

After the caves, walking guided by a GPS is waiting. The distance of 2.5 km is not far but partly the path is hard to walk. Half distance there is a nice lake, time for lunch break.

Later it is time for the high rock and to let themselves down a vertical rock face with the help of a rope. Here, experiences and activities are designed to generate self-confidence.

After a active day we all heading back to the base camp. The dinner and the sauna.



The hike continues by foot from our base camp to the canal Kinda Kanal. We walk trough lush green forests and flowering meadows. We learn about the flora and fauna of the areas as well as in the rest of Sweden. From the south to the north this country has a very varied landscape. After a while we stop for lunch prepared on a Trangia gas stove. In late afternoon we reach the waterside and the canal and probably look forward to a relaxing evening. Why not sit around the fire when the sun drops go for a late evening swim or just enjoy the sound of the peaceful water as the dying sun sets them a glow.



After breakfast at the waterside our canoes are waiting for us. We put the safety equipment on, and then go! At first we paddle over the lake Stora Rängen and then we stop at a nature reserve for a coffee break, later we eat our lunch at the waterside of Kinda Kanal. During the afternoon, following the canal, we pass a couple of locks and people in all kinds of boats. Perhaps we make such good speed that we leave them behind! It is really convenient and recreative to travel through this beautiful landscape. We take a coffee break on a small island named Storön. Nearby there are bird sanctuaries with lots of birds to see and to listen to. The guide will give interesting information about Swedish bird-life and we also learn about the history of Kinda Kanal and the town of Linköping. We carry on along the canal until we reach Linköping where we paddle right into the middle of the city. At Tullbron bridge we leave our canoes and walk the last kilometre to our hostel. We can look back on four active days in the nature of Sweden.



Breakfast at the hostel. Then time to see more of Linköping before need to catch train or plane.