Active All the Way “TOUGH” Söderköping

Join us for a multi activity adventure in the lowland Swedish woods. A challenge for the physique of your body and an enjoyment for your eyes and soul! Simply we experience and live in nature during four wonderful days! Get close to Swedish nature through staying outdoors for four days and three nights.

kayak on the Baltic sea 

Date: Individuals --
  Groups any date during season
Price: 718 EUR  







A tour where you will experience hiking, biking and kayak. We stay outdoor during the whole trip. Preparing our food on portable stove, sleeping in tents (wild camping). Baggage transport from camp to camp is included, we can travel light, do longer stretch, experience more. We wash ourself in lakes we pass.


Dates: Individual No fixed dates
  Groups any date during season

 Season: April - October


Gradient: Middle to Tough; we stay outdoors for four days


Lodging: Tent


Get here: Plane to Skavsta or train to Nyköping


Pick up: At Skavsta airport


Transport: Transport of the luggage every day, only things needed during the trip. Other luggage can be left in Nyköping.

If biking and climbing is chosen day IV, Transfer to Norrköping is included. From there ordinary airport transfer (bus) to the airport


Personal equipment: Suitable footwear, outdoor- and rain clothes, bathing gear, sleeping bag, rucksack for day tour


Equipment included: MTB, kayak, tent, outdoor kitchen kit, all necessary safety gear


Equipment available for rent:

Rucksack 13 EUR

Sleeping bag 19 EUR


Price: 718 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Lunch, dinner, guide, luggage transport, rent of bike and safety equipment

Day II Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, luggage transport and safety equipment

Day III Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, luggage transport, rent of kayak and safety equipment

Day IV Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, luggage transport, rent of MTB and climbing equipment, safety equipment


Not included: Guided tour Stegeborgs Slottsruin day II, approx. 150 SEK (ca. 16 EUR) ; Possible restaurant dinner day III, approx. 250 SEK (ca. 27 EUR);

Ice-cream and restaurant dinner day IV, approx. 350 SEK (ca. 38 EUR), alcoholic drinks


Choices of extras:

1.) Guided tour at the ruins of Stegeborg Castle

In the Middle Ages, the castle of Stegeborg was one of the most important strongholds in Sweden. The most significant families of this time met here in fights and negotiations. Around 1500 it served as a royal castle. Join the guided tour in the chivalrously medieval atmosphere of the 16th century!

Price of extras: 20 EUR


2.) Arrive earlier, depart later

For guests who want to experience more of Sweden there is of course the possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than in the programme. We arrange the transportation from Söderköping to Norrköping if they want to depart later. If they want to arrive earlier they meet the rest of the group in Norrköping or at Skavsa Airport at stated time. If the whole group have arrived earlier can we decide a place and time in accordance with the guests´ wishes.

Price of extras: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves



Program Active All the Way “TOUGH” Söderköping


Day I Arrival, Biking 55 km

Day II Walking 20 km

Day III Kayaking 20 km

Day IV MTB and climbing / biking

(3 nights)



Arrival at Skavsta Airport 12.30. Guides from Naturguiden will meet the group and before heading off, we eat lunch and talk about how the coming days will look like. The luggage that is needed during the day is packed in small rucksacks, the rest of the luggage is transported to the place where we will spend the night. As the biking starts we ride on small winding roads and paths in the forest, after half the day we get aboard a ferry that takes us over the Bråviken, a gulf of the Baltic Sea. We take a coffee break and make sure we get enough energy to keep working a couple of hours more. We bike through woods and meadows, we cool down in small bathing lakes along the way when we are warm or when we need to rest our tired legs. When the sun sets behind the treetops we will have found our camp and put up our tents. We relax in front of the fire, that also works as a stove – wrapped in foil awaits newly caught fish and other early Swedish products.



When the morning comes we continue by foot. A day with beautiful nature, culture and historical sights is ahead of us. After breakfast we take the raft over the lake and visit Dalmyragruvan, an iron ore mine working 1910. Here can also bee seen a “Snakespruce”, a special sort of spruce with very sparse, twined branches. The guide tells us about the nature and environment of our surroundings. We stop for lunch at Skirsjön lake, were those who want to swim can do that. During the afternoon we arrive at Stegeborg Castle, where our luggage is waiting. We find ourselves a great camping site and put up our tents. After relaxing and refreshing we get a guided tour at the ruins of Stegeborg Castle, which is beautifully situated. It is like a gate towards the sea. Later we light a fire and cook something tasty we have bought in the small shop. Or maybe we have been lucky and caught some fish or found something eatable in the woods during the day. As we enjoy the sight of the archipelago and the impressive castle ruin we also hear the waves sing-song as the sun sets. Soon a well-earned good night sleep loves us!



This day we are going to paddle kayak along “the longest adventure of Sweden” – Göta Kanal. Along the way we pass sluices and big passenger boats and pleasure crafts going past us. Or maybe we are so fast that we pass them! After a few hours of paddling we stop at two small islands called Simpan. They got a rich birdlife and maybe we will get the chance to see some unusual species of birds! When we get hungry we stop at the waterside and eat our lunch package. During the afternoon we arrive to Söderköping, we leave the kayaks at sea level and take the stair to reach the top of Ramunderberget. From here we got a magnificent view over the city and the fields and woods that surround it. We find ourselves a nice campsite and then we return to the town to find a nice and tasty place to eat. Maybe some of Söderköpings many restaurants and outdoor cafés by the canal seems tempting! Otherwise we find something in the handelsbod that offers ecological food and prepare our own meal.

Day IV

This day offers two alternatives:



One day filled with activities. We ride mountain bikes on the Ramunderberget, visit a ruin of Fornborg Castle, eat ice-cream at the spectacular Smultronstället (a place in the forest with lots of small forest strawberries where you take your boy- or girlfriend) and climb the wall of Ramunderberget. In the evening we have dinner together at Bondens Crêperie. Transport to Norrköping Central and further transportation to Skavsta Airport. Flight departs at 21.30.



We eat early in the morning as we need to start towards the airport right away. 76 kilometres to bike lie ahead of us. Along the way we stop to have lunch and maybe cool ourselves swimming in one of the lakes. The schedule of the day is quite tough, the speed is high and the nature experience strong. We ride on small country roads and in the forest. During the evening we reach Skavsta Airport where we take a shower and eat a great dinner before the plane departs at 21.30.