Before the trip - MTB

In this document we will try to give you the information you need to be able to bring right kind of cloth and equipment, but also give an idea about what you can expect.


On our MTB weekends we stay at the same place the whole time. We do different tours every day, stay away the whole day or come back for lunch depending on the desire of the group. Part from your cloth for MTB you need a small backpack to bring something to eat during the tour, maybe a swim suite and a towel if we make a brake at some lake for a swim.



About our bike:

For rent we have the following bike. If you prefer to bring your own bike we reduce the price with 80EUR, the price you pay at RyanAir to bring a bike.

24 Gear Nishiki with aluminium frame and damper on the front fork
Shimano breaks and gears
SPD or ordinary pedals

Gears: Shimano Deore
Weight: 13 kg

Bring your own bike!


Equipment that you need to bring

Clothes for biking


We will provide you with the following equipment

MTB and helmet.


About money

We still don't use Euro in Sweden. But you can use credit card almost everywhere. Everything you need (except alcoholic drinks) is included in the price. But if you want to buy something you can always redraw money at the airport when you arrive.