Biking in Swedish woodlands

Go fast on small dirt roads, try to keep the speed on the narrow tracks. Enjoy the nature and the fun of MTB. A weekend with a lot of biking. We stay at a camp in the middle of the forest, with a lots of tracks and dirt roads.

Choose to come in May, take part in the great MTB competition “Kolmårdsbiken” , start fee for free.


Dates: Individuals:
Groups: any date during season
Price: 662 EUR








During three days we ride MTB in the forests of Östergötland. The nights are spent in nice four beds cabins with a small kitchen. During the days we explore all tracks in the surrounding forest. Take a break at some lake for a swim before we continue.

You get your bike at the airport / train station and then we head of into the forest towards our camp.

Bring your own bike, we pay the fee to take it with you.


Dates: Individuals:
Groups: any date during season

 Season: April - October


Gradient: Middle to tough in condition depending on the group


Lodging: Four bed cabins with kitchen


Get here: Plane to Skavsta or train to Nyköping


Pick up: At Skavsta airport


Transport: Transfer of luggage from and back to Skavsta airport. You go with bike to the camp.


Personal equipment: Suitable gear for bicycling, outdoor- and rain clothes, bathing gear


Equipment included: MTB and helmet.

Bring your own bike:  If you bring your own bike we pay the fee to bring it here.

Price: 662 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Transfer of luggage, dinner, guide, rent of MTB, safety equipment, share in double room

Day II Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, rent of MTB, safety equipment, share in double room

Day III Breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, rent of MTB, safety equipment, share in double room

Day IV Breakfast, lunch, guide, rent of MTB, safety equipment, transfer of luggage


Not included: alcoholic drinks


Choices of extras:

1.) Extra days

It is possible to extend the tour with one or several days.

Price for each extra day: 122 Euro


2.) Stay on your own

Stay some extra days on the camp on our own

Price for two persons in a cabin, no meals included xx Euro


3.) Arrive earlier, depart later

Guests that want to see more of Sweden can of course come earlier or depart later than what is stated in our program. Spend some more days out in the archipelago or take a tour to Stockholm, one hour away.

Price of extras: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves


Program Biking in Swedish wooded landscape


Day I Arrival, transfer, MTB



Day IV MTB, transfer, departure

(3 nights)


Day I

Arrival at Skavsta Airport. After an introduction you get your bikes. While we take care of the baggage, you head towards the hostel on your bikes. The guide follows you and we find our way mostly on narrow roads. Later in the afternoon we reach the hostel and you can check in. The dinner is served and afterwards we might go for a short tour.


Day II – III

We eat a good and healthy breakfast and make our lunch packages. Then we head off on our bikes. Finding the most fun roads, we stop to make the best parts several times. We take our lunch in some nice location, maybe stop for a swim in one of the lakes we pass. If you like we come back to the hostel for a break before we do another trip or we spent the whole day out in the wild. In the evenings we make our dinner, preferably outdoors. Maybe we do some other activities like swimming, canoeing, or fishing.


Day IV

After breakfast we head back towards the airport. We adjust our time schedule for the departure of the aircraft. At the airport we take a shower and something to eat before the plane leaves.