Canoe, south Stockholm - 2 days

Two days in canoe on long narrow lakes and on calm rivers. Close to Stockholm but away from the civilisation. A journey on water through Swedish woodlands. Sleeping in tent , cooking over open fire, washing yourself in the lake. Enjoy the nature and the feeling of being alone at the camp site, sitting around the fire looking at the stars. No experiences of canoe needed, we adjust the journey after the group.

Canoe on Kinda canal


Dates: Individuals --
  Groups any date during season
Price: from 244 EUR  






Two days where we travel in Canoe on narrow lakes and rivers about 50 km south Stockholm. One night in tent at a nice place along the way. We prepare dinner together over open fire, make a real meal at lunchtime on gas stoves. Take time for a bath in the lake. Watching the wildlife, maybe try to catch a fish for dinner.

The tour starts in Åkers Styckebruk. Train from Stockholm and bus the last 10 minutes. We end two days later in Gnesta from where you take the local train back to Stockholm.


Dates: Individuals No fixed dates
  Groups any date during season


Season: April – October


Gradient: Middle


Lodging: Tent


Get here: Train from Stockholm to Läggesta (Train towards Eskilstuna). Bus 5 km to Åkers styckebruk.

                     Back to Stockholm local train from Gnesta to Stockholm.

                     Traveltime approx 1 hour


Pick up:  At Läggesta train station. Time not set.


Transport:  No transport needed except from Get here:


Personal equipment: Suitable footwear, durable outdoor- and rain clothes, bathing gear.


Equipment included:  Canoe, tents, cooking stove.


Equipment available for rent:  Sleeping bag 150 SEK (ca 18 EUR)


Price: 244 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Lunch, 2-course dinner, share in tent, guide, rent of canoe.

Day II Breakfast, lunch, guide, rent of canoe.


Not included: Alcoholic drinks, transfer


Choices of extras:


Programme Canoe, south Stockholm - 2 days


Day I Arrival, Canoe

Day II Canoe, departure

(1 night)



Arrival, train from Stockholm to Läggesta. The guide meet the group at Läggesta station and help them get the right bus to Åkers Styckebruk (10 minutes with bus). Everyone get dry bags for the cloth, sleeping bag etc. We load the canoes, safety instructions and a short course, how to do the paddling best way. Start our tour along the shore with the sun in our face. Slow in the beginning make sure everyone get the right technique. After some hours it feels great to stop at some nice place and stretch our legs. Take something to eat and maybe a bath in the lake. Later we stop for lunch, a real meal made on the gas stove.


In the evening we find us a nice place for night camp. Put up our tents, making the fire and start making dinner together. Ending the day sitting around the fire locking at the stars.



Waking up close to the lake. Maybe start the day with a bath before breakfast. We pack all our stuff back in the canoes, leave no trace, and continue our journey. Today everyone is used to the canoe and can put more focus to the surroundings when following the shore line south. Once we need to stop and pull the canoe from one lake to the next. A small canoe wagon is very handy, we don’t need to carry. After several breaks and a nice lunch we reach Gnesta, our goal. An ice cream as reward before unload the canoes, arrange with the baggage and walk the 100 meters to the railway station and the train back towards Stockholm.