How to get here?

We have adapt all our tours to make it easy for you to get here. Most of our tours starts right at the airport or the railway station. For each tour you find information about where we pick you up. We believe that most of our guests come with plain or by train, but if you come by car we describe some alternative ways to get to Sweden at the end of this document.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Information about all our destinations.

If you are a group of your own we can pick you up on other places as well, contact us.

Nyköping – Skavsta – Stockholm south

Normally we pick you up at the airport called Skavsta or Stockholm south. You get here by Ryan Air from a lot of destinations around Europe.

From the airport there is only 5 minutes with local bus to the city of Nyköping. You arrive at the bus central, not the same place as the Railway station.

If you arrive at Stocckholm/Arlanda you can take the bus direct from Stockholm City Terminal, close to the Central station, to Skavsta.

Or you take the train from Stockholm Central station to Nyköping station

If we should pick you up in Nyköping instead of at Skavsta put that as remark in the booking form.


Normally we pick you up at the airport. You get here with KLM from Amsterdam or from Copenhagen with NextJet.

The Airport is only 2,5 km from the city centre of Linköping and the Railway station.

If you use the train, there is a direct train from Copenhagen to Linköping, travel time approximately 3.5 hours


Stockholm / Arlanda

We have no normal tours from Arlanda, but if you are a group of your own we can pick you up at Arlanda.


Östersund – Ljungdalen – Vålådalen

For our mountain tours Östersund is the closest city. To Östersund you get with train or by plain from Stockholm/Arlanda with SAS or from Trondheim in Norway with NextJet.

From Östersund you need to continue with bus to the mountains. From the airport to the bus central in Östersund there is 7,5 km. You get there by local bus or with taxi. Detailed information about how to travel will be provided.

Of course it is also possible to get a rented car at the airport to get to the mountains.


Travel with car to Sweden.

There are several ferries up to Sweden. You have them all represented at where you will find time schedules etc.

From Germany you have

  • Travemunde – Malmö
  • Rostock – Trelleborg
  • Sassnitz – Trelleborg
  • Travemunde – Trelleborg
  • Kiel – Göteborg (Gotenburg)

From Denmark you have

  • Helsingborg – Helsingör
  • Frederikhavn – Göteborg (Gotenburg)


If you choose to travel trough Denmark there are several options, two of them are.

No ferries: Drive trough Denmark, passing Flensburg and Odense until Copenhagen. Take the bridge over to Malmö and Sweden.

With ferries: Puttgarden - Rödby and Helsingör – Helsingborg