Before the trip - Hiking

In this document we will try to give you the information you need to be able to bring right kind of clothes and equipment, but also give an idea about what you can expect.

On our hiking tours the focus is to get out in the nature, more or less away from the civilisation for a couple of hours every day or for several days depending on the tour. Our trails are never busy or crowded. We avoid roads as much as possibly, normally completely.

On most tours we need to carry everything we need during the whole tour, all clothes and equipment, all food, portable kitchen and on some tours even the tents. On other tours your luggage will be transported for you, only lunch package and some personal belongings need to be carried.


South Sweden – Hiking in the forest

We walk in a wood landscape, follow small trails or minor roads, partly also outside the trails. It is not wet but it can get moody if we get rain. You manage with low boots preferably water proof, especially if you will sleep in tent or a shelter where it´s hard to dry wet boots.

Same thing with rainware is highly recommended for the tours with sleeping indoor and necessary if we sleep outdoor (tent, shelter).


Hiking in the mountains

When hiking in the mountains we are much more exposed. No shelter either for the wind or the sun. For tours with sleeping in mountains lodges you can handle wet boots or rainware that keep you dry for a couple of hours but not stand a whole day of rain because you can dry them during night. For the tour with sleeping in tents you need equipment that keeps you dry. If we get rain several days the only way to dry wet clothes is to put them in your sleeping bag during night.


Clothes and equipment


God boots is of most importance. We should walk for hours every day. What to choose depend on the tour.

boots_lowLow boots: Good enough when hiking in the woodlands in south of Sweden. Preferably waterproof otherwise you get wet feet's if we get rain or if we walk through wet grass. Those boots are to low when walking in the mountains, you will get wet.

Remark: There are special shoes, mainly for multi sport that dry quick. You get wet while walking but you easily dry them during the night if you stay indoors. This kind of shoes can be used even in the mountains when stay in mountains lodges.


Medium boots: Normal hiking boots is excellent for all tours except “8 days in the wild” where we recommend a higher boots. On our mountain tours you manage with this kind of boots. But it will be situations when crossing a creek or similar when they are not high enough. You then need to find a way around or take of the boots and pass barefooted. With higher boots you just walk.





High Boots: We recommend a high boot on our tour “8 days in the wild” That because we will walk a lot outside the tracks. On our other mountains tours it´s pros and cons with those kind of boots. You can walk everywhere, passing the creeks without problems, but they are more heavy to walk with.


Rain wares:

ponchoWe might get rain, but hopefully not. Staying outdoor the whole days you need some kind of rain protection. It could be clothes with some “TEX” material (ie GoreTex), they keep you dry in rain from a couple of hours to the whole day, depending on the brand. You can also use ordinary rain wares or why not a poncho.


Trousers and Shirts, here we don´t have any strong recommendation. It is more important with good stuff up in the mountain, we don´t recommend blue jeans and cotton sweaters.

Down in south you can use almost anything, clothes that is comfortable to stay outdoor with.

BUT clothes with cotton is not that good. If they get wet they become heavy, contains a lot of water. They dry very slow and they don´t keep you warm being wet. Choose other material, such as wool and other material made for hiking clothes.

Remarks: There are clothes specially design for outdoor use made of cotton, but they are made it in a special way.


We do have mosquitoes in Sweden, some in the south parts. Up in the mountains there might be a lot of them. Clothes that they can´t bite through and that covers your whole body (except your face and hands). A hood on your jacket keeps them away from your neck and ears. Gloves and a mosquito-hat might also be nice to have. And of course we do bring mosquito repellent.


Equipment that you need to bring (available for rent, pre booking needed)


Rain cover for the back pack (or dry bag for all luggage)

Sleeping bag if you sleep in tent or shelter

Sleeping pad if you sleep in tent or shelter

Sleeping bag or sheets when stay in mountain lodges




Shoes or sandal to use in the evening could be nice to have

Rain ware

Cap and cloves (if going to the mountains)

Swim suits


Toothbrush, soap etc.

Warm sweater

Extra socks


We will provide you with the following equipment

Tent (if needed)

All equipment needed, cocking and eating outdoor (if needed)

Sheets and towel if you stay in Hotel or Hostel


About money

We still don't use Euro in Sweden. But you can use credit card almost everywhere. Everything you need (except alcoholic drinks) is included in the price. But if you want to buy something you can always redraw money at the airport when you arrive.