Hiking in the Swedish mountains, 8 days in the wild

Seven adventurous days filled with mountain peak tours, glacier hiking and magnificent nature! The details are not set, we decide from day to day how the trip will develop. We bring our own tents (which will be provided) and all the food we need. We are totally free to experience the wild, outside all regular tracks and mountain lodges.



Dates: Individuals --
  Groups Any date during season
Price: 879 Euro  









While hiking in the Swedish mountains we stay above tree level, the area where no trees can grow. It is still green with grass and flowers. We are exposed to the force of nature with only tents for shelter during the nights that never get dark. We wash ourselves outdoors in the cold and crystal clear water of the rivers. We prepare lunch close to a small river. Probably not meeting any other people, only the reindeers and lemmings.

The tour starts at Enafors, between Östersund and the border of Norway, and end up in Ljungdalen, from where you take the bus back to Östersund.


Date: Individuals: No fixed dates
  Groups: any date during season


Season: July - September


Gradient: Tough


Lodging: Hostel and tent


Get here: Plane or train to Östersund


Pick up: At Enafors train station


Transport: Transfer from Östersund to Enafors and from Ljungdalen to Östersund is included in the price.


Personal equipment: Hiking boots, water resistant and suitable clothes, backpack for hiking, sleeping bag, sleeping pad.


Equipment included: Tent, outdoor kitchen kit


The guests need to carry their own food and tent (which will be provided) during the tour.


Price: 879 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Accomodation in Östersund, Hostel or B&B.

Day II Breakfast, Transfer Östersund – Enafors, lunch, dinner, tent, guide

Day III - VIII Necessary food, tent, guide

Day IX Breakfast, lunch, transfer Ljungdalen – Östersund, accommodation in Östersund, guide


Not included: Transfer from the airport to Östersund (approx 5 EUR with bus, 12 EUR for a taxi). Dinner day I


Choices of extras:

1.) Extra days

It is possible to experience a longer hiking by extending the trip with one or more extra days. For example you can spend one extra day at Helags, visit the summit and the glacier.

Price for each extra day: 63 Euro


2.) Less days

It is also possible to shorten the trip with one or more days.

Price reduction / day: 63 Euro


3.) Arrive earlier, depart later

For guests who want to experience more of Sweden there is of course the possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than in the program. Take an extra day in Östersund or stay some days in Ljungdalen. From Ljungdalen you can take the bus to Östersund twice a day (except sundays).

Price: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves



Program: Hiking in the Swedish mountains, 8 days in the wild


Day I Arrival Östersund, accommodation at a Hostel or B&B.

Day II Transfer, Start hiking


Hiking in the mountain, visit the highest summits, walking on the glaciers, crossing the rivers

Day IX Walking 17 km. Transfer to Östersund. Departure or one extra night in Östersund

(8 or 9 nights)


Day I

Arrival at Östersund by plane or train from Stockholm (Arlanda). Accommodation in hostel or B&B. Clothes and other belongings not needed on the hike can be left here until you get back.


Day 1I

Breakfast at the Hostel and then transfer from Östersund to Enafors (08.00 – 09.57).

The guide will meet you in Enafors: following introduction and preparations, we share the tents and all the food between us to carry. When everyone is ready we start our walk away from civilisation. After a couple of kilometres we make our first stop at the riverside, have something to eat and make necessary adjustments. After about 6 km we reach Snasnahögarna, a high and steep mountain. We will have a couple of hard hours in front of us before we reach the top. From here we have a marvellous view and we find some nice spots to put up our tents. We do some cooking and start doing the plan for tomorrow.


Day III – XIII The high peaks of Sylarna and Helags are in front of us but how should we climb them? What is the weather forecast? How far should we walk today? Is there any reindeer down in the valley to see? We head on taking one day at a time, stop and drink the crystal clear water from a murmur stream, stretch out in the sun during lunch and take a bath in cold water in the river in the evening. Maybe we decide to walk the whole night, in July it never gets dark.

These are magnificent but hard days. High mountains to climb, fantastic views to see and natural peacefulness without any other people.


Day IX

The last stage is going down towards Ljungdalen– an easy stretch where long parts are downhill. The hiking starts right after breakfast and at lunchtime we reach Ljungdalen, a nice small village. Now it is time to get lunch at the restaurant and take a shower before we catch the bus at 15.15.

The bus will bring us over the highest road in Sweden, a popular tourist spot. Far in distance we can get a last view of Helags, maybe the bus will have to stop to let some reindeer over the road. After one hour we reach Funäsdalen, a bigger village with some shops, here we will wait one hour for the bus that will take us to Östersund.

At 20.20 you reach Östersund and the same accommodation you left a couple of days ago. If you like you can take the night train back towards Arlanda or Stockholm at 20.43.