Pilgrim journey to Trondheim

This is not just a hiking tour, it is a pilgrim journey, an outer and inner journey. The divine office is one important part of the journey; the conversations and time in silence - another.

 tent at a lake in the mountain

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Price: 595 EUR











One of Europe’s pilgrim destinations is Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, where the remains of Saint Olaf are buried. The journey to get there was a struggling beyond imagination hundred of years ago. Far up north the pilgrims have 1000 km of walking or even more to get there, but of course it all depends from where you start. Our walk starts in Ljungdalen, a small village in Sweden on the border to the mountains. Here is the end of the road and from here you have to walk.. A sign Trondheim 198 km indicates that here begins the path over the mountains. We need to carry all our food and sleep in tents as we now leave the civilization for ten days. We will reach Trondheim the day before the yearly celebration of Saint Olov to be able to take part in it.


Date: No fixed dates


Season: July


Gradient: Tough


Lodging: Hostel and tent


Get here: Plane to Östersund, then bus to Ljungdalen.

Home: From Trondheim airport or train to Östersund and then plane. Detailed information will be provided.


Pick up: Pick up in Ljungdalen


Transport: Cloth and equipment not needed during the hiking will be sent to Trondheim.


Personal equipment: Suitable footwear and clothing, durable outdoor- and rain clothes, backpack, sleeping bag and pad.


Equipment included: Outdoor kitchen, tent


Equipment available for rent:

Backpack 13 EUR

Sleeping bag 19 EUR



Price: 595 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Dinner, accommodation in hostel

Day II - X Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation in tent, guide

Day XI Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation at hostel, guide

Day XII Breakfast, part in Saint Olaf celibration


Not included: The journey to Ljungdalen and from Trondheim.


Choices of extras:

1.) Arrive earlier, depart later

For guests who want to experience more of Sweden or Norway there is of course the possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than in the programme. We can arrange accommodation in Ljungdalen or Trondheim for some additional nights.

Price of extras: Guests undertake all extra costs themselves



Programme Pilgrim journey to Trondheim


Day I Travelling to Ljungdalen (not included), gathering and dinner

Day II First day of our pilgrim journey

Day III – X

The pilgrim journey

Day XI Last day of our pilgrim journey, we reach Trondheim and the Nidaros Chathedral in the evening

Day XII We calibrate Saint Olaf.

Individual journey back home in the evening.

(11 nights)


Day 1

Ljungdalen is a remote village far from everything. First airplane from Arlanda to Östersund and then bus 180 km to get to Ljungdalen. We gather there in the afternoon day 1. In the evening, information, taking care of all equipment, dinner and time to learn to know each other. We end this first day with a masse in the local church.


Day II

The first day on our jurney, starting with a great breakfast and lauds office before we leave. We start slow, several stops to adjust the backpack, lock on the great scenery, taking care of our feet's to prevent blasters. Lunch break at the river side where we have water to drink, midday office and then we continue. In the evening we find a nice place close to a small lake, puting up our tents, preparing the dinner on our Triangia and then take time to relax before the vesper.


Day III - X

We continue our pilgrim journey, same routine every day. Lauds, breakfast, ~10km walking, lunch, midday office, another 10 km of walking, dinner, vesper. In between there is time for conversation, time in silence, several short breaks.

The daily routines help us letting this become both an outer and inner journey.


Day XI

The last day of our journey. It feels good that we have made it, but also a little said that it is over. In the afternoon we reach Trondheim and soon we are at our hostel. The cloth and equipment you have sent from Ljungdalen are waiting for you. It feels luxury with a nice shower and clean cloth. Today we eat dinner on a restaurant and taking part in the evening masse in the Nidarosdom afterwards.



Today is it the Saint Olaf day, we take part in the celebration, attending masses and other activities, eating a nice lunch together.

In the afternoon we gather for the last time to say goodbye to each other. Some then leave and other might stay for another day in Trondheim.