Hiking in the forest


Walks in oak landscapes and leafy woods. Three days hiking in the big forest of Kolmården. We leave civilisation and stay out in the forest during the whole trip. Sleeping in shelters (or tents), cooking on portable stoves. All we need must be carried; still we travel light, bringing just the essential. We will be walking narrow paths (even off the tracks), with rests at nice small lakes or close to the Baltic Sea.













any date during season


333 Euro




























Hiking and wild life, an all inclusive guided tour away from the civilisation. Three days of hiking and two nights sleeping outdoor. You need to carry all your equipment and part of the food. A good back pack and good shoes are essential. We travel in small groups of maximum ten persons.

The guide will be able to provide you with a lot of knowledge about how to stay dry, warm and happy in the wilderness, how to prepare dinner, make a proper shelter etc.

On arrival day you find your way to the youth hostal by your self, information will be provided. Accommodation and breakfast are included in the tour. It is also possible to arrive in the morning, we start at 08.30 am from the youth hostal.




No fixed dates

Arrival any time* ; Departure 12.00



any date during season


* The program starts at 08.30 am the 2 May at the youth hostal





Season: All year




Gradient: Middle in condition, Tough though we stay outdoor for three days




Lodging: A shelter (tent during winter season)




Get here: Plane to Skavsta or train to Nyköping


Pick up: At the youth hostal 08.30 am the friday 29 of April. You


Transport: Transfer from the youth hostal to the forest and back from the forest to Skavsta airport or center of Nyköping


Personal equipment: Suitable footwear and clothing, durable outdoor- and rain clothes, toiletries, bathing gear, rucksack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad


Equipment included: Light weight shelter (tent winter time), outdoor kitchen kit


Equipment available for rent:

Rucksack 13 EUR

Sleeping bag 19 EUR

Sleeping pad 5 EUR












Price:  333 EUR


Included in the price:

Day I Share in double room at a Hostel

Day II Breakfast, lunch, dinner, outdoor accommodation, guide, bus transfer

Dag III Breakfast, lunch, dinner, outdoor accommodation, guide

Dag IV Breakfast, guide, shower, bus transfer


Not included: Dinner day I, lunch day IV, potential day V


Choices of extras:

1.) Extra days

It is possible to experience a longer Hiking, extend the trip with one or more extra days.

Price for each extra day: 64 Euro


2.) Arrive earlier, depart later

Guests who want to experience more of Sweden there is of course the possibility to arrive earlier or depart later than in the programme. Combine with a tour to Stockholm, one hour away, or take some days in the archipelago.

Price of extras: Guests stand the entire cost themselves

Program Hiking in the forest of Kolmården


Day I Arrival and accommodation at a  Hostel in Nyköping


Day II Transfer to the forest, Hiking


Day III Hiking


Day IV Hiking, Transfer back to Skavsta (arrival Skavsta around 12.00)


Day V Departure  depends on flight; costs for overnight stay not included


(3 nights)




Day I

If arriving in the afternoon/evening: Arrival to Skavsta airport (Stockholm south) with RyanAir. Transport on your own to Nyköping with local bus. Accommodation at Hostel. Nyköping is a nice little town with some good restaurants.

Day II

Pick up at the airport for those who manage to get an early morning flight. Breakfast at the hostel. Staff from Naturguiden meets the group at the hostel and welcome them after breakfast at 08.30. Together the guide and the group go through the program and activities. The food for three days and the all necessary equipment are handed out by the guide and should be packed together with your personal stuff in your rucksack. Any other baggage will be taken care of by the guide.

When everyone is ready we head for the bus that brings us to the forest (approx 20 minutes). We start our walk through the forest on small, winding roads and woodland paths. Brooks and beautiful meadows are passed as we walk through densely wooded nature. For lunch we stop at a small lake and eat a tasty meal that gives us plenty of energy to continue our walk. Early in the evening we arrive at our lake-side camp. The guide gives instructions about how to build the shelter for the night and gives a hand if needed as you build it. Later on we light a fire and start preparing the dinner. When it starts getting dark we find our way to our sleeping bags and a good night`s sleep.


We have breakfast and then a new day hiking, heading towards the Baltic Sea. At lunchtime we reach the shoreline. Maybe people swim before lunch. After a nice break we continue along the cost towards the evening camp site. We stop some times looking for wild animals or to find blueberries or other edible plants. The evening we spend around the camp fire, preparing our dinner and talk about the experiences of the day.

Day IV

After a healthy breakfast early we start back towards civilization. Around ten o’clock we reach the main road and the bus that will bring us back to Nyköping and Skavsta; you get your belongings and can take a shower before going to the airport. Depending on your flight you can choose to stay in Nyköping for a while or over night.