About our tours

Naturguiden specializes in nature tourism and offers guided adventures in the provinces of Östergötland and Jämtland. We offer our customers all inclusive adventure-packages with an experienced guide, transfer, food and accommodation.


Naturguiden offers adventures all year around. We have found the most beautiful places for you, we provide you with information about the area, nature-related and practical outdoor knowledge. Our local knowledge makes the trip secure, comfortable and more memorable. With our network we can offer you activities and experiences you can never achieve by yourself.

The packages Naturguiden has to offer:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain-biking,
  • Multi activities
  • Cross-country-skiing
  • Ice-skating
  • Kayak paddling

The activities always take place outdoors where you can relax, enjoy nature and life as well as giving your body and soul healthy experiences. The price level differs, mainly due to the level of accommodation (and whether baggage transport is included or not).

All our packages always include

  • An experienced guide available 24 hours a day.
  • Full board service
  • Pick up at the Airport or train station and all necessary transports
  • Needed equipment

Get here

All packages are made in such a way that it should be cheap and easy for you to get to us with train or plain. Pick up at the airport or train station is included and when possible the activity starts immediately at the airport / train station. Our activities taking place in different places of Sweden, for each package you see where we pick you up.

More information in "How to get here"

If you are a group of your own and whould prefere another starting point, tell us and we will see what we can do.


We choose the best possible accommodation for each package depending on location and availability. In our packages the accommodation is already chosen in advance. However for some of the packages it is possible to choose between several types of accommodations, although all participants need to make the same choice.

We offer these types of accommodation:

  • Hotel, twin or double rooms with toilet and shower in each room.
  • Hostel, two or four beds dormitory rooms with shared toilets and shower.
  • Tent, two persons in each tent, sleeping pad is provided, sleeping bag for rent if the guest don’t bring their own (comfort temp at least 0 degrees Celsius)

More information in accommodation


We offer full board meals to all our packages, in some of the packages meals are served in restaurants, in others they are prepared by the guide and in other packages preparing the food is a part of the experience. We often eat some of the meals outside during the tours – food always tastes very good out in nature!

Information about, for example, vegetarians/vegans in the party, or about persons with allergies, needs to be provided well in advance.


All our guided adventures are for smaller groups, normally between 6-10 persons. There are fixed dates for all packages. We claim the right to cancel a trip if there are less than 3 persons.

We can also help individuals with booking of extra nights, tickets or activities if they would like to arrive earlier or leave later.

For an entire group (at least 6 persons) you choose any date that suites you. Naturguiden has a high flexibility and can adjust any of the packages to meet the wishes of an entire group.

If there is a group of less than 6 persons who would like to experience one of our packages without other participants that is possible with an agreed fee.


The gradient on the packages is based on the needed condition rather than the technical skills.

  • Easy, for everyone with “normal” physique.
  • Middle, active people, but not necessary exercise regularly
  • Tough, nothing extreme, but recommended for people that exercise regularly.

The difficulty level of the activities and the tempo will of course be suited to match the group.



All of Naturguiden activities take place in our wonderful outdoors. To be able to continue doing this it is important to reduce the impact on our countryside as much as possible. Naturguiden is a member of the Swedish Ecotourism Society and we have products that are certified according to Natures Best, www.naturesbestsweden.com

None of our packages contains activities that have a negative impact on the environment (like rib boats, snowmobiles, etc). We try to minimize the transports and use public transport as much as possible. Our goal is to leave no trace.



All prices are given in Euro. We claim the right to change the price due to changes in exchange rates.

Full payment must take place at the latest two weeks prior the arrival date.

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